Metal Slug Code: J Announced for Unspecified Mobile Devices

Metal Slug: Code J

SNK Corporation, Tencent, and developer Timi Studio have announced Metal Slug Code: J (tentative title) for unspecified mobile devices.

We previously reported that two new Metal Slug games were in development; one of them being developed by Tencent, and the other by Timi Studio. That story relied on a Korean news source, and machine translation.

Now, Metal Slug Code: J (from both Tencent and its subsidiary Timi Studio, along with SNK Corporation) has been announced. Details are scant at this time, with even the title being a placeholder.

The announcement trailer shows what appears to be classic Metal Slug 2D arcade-style gameplay on a mobile device, but with some form of base or hub-world in 3D. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

Metal Slug Code: J is coming soon to unannounced mobile devices.

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