PlayStation 5 Pre-Order Listing Reveals $699.99 Price for Both Standard and Digital Editions

PlayStation 5 $699

A listing for the PlayStation 5 has appeared on PlayAsia, revealing the new console costs $699.99 USD, for both the standard and digital editions. (Thanks Wario64!)

The recent reveal of the PlayStation 5 showed there would be a purely digital system, but no price was revealed. However, thanks to a pre-order listing on PlayAsia, we now see that it will retail for around $699.99. The Digital Edition is listed at the same price, with DualSense controllers at $79.99 USD.

Editor’s Note: For those not based in North America, you can find the listings archived here [1, 2, 3].

Bloomberg had previously used their sources to report that Sony were taking a wait-and-see approach to the console’s new pricing (when compared to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X), along with scarcity of some parts causing issues. Back then Bloomberg estimates the PlayStation 5 will retail for $470 USD.

They also reported that PlayStation 5 production would be “limited” in the first year. If Sony are having issues or otherwise taking a cautious approach, that would explain why the new DualSense controller was revealed before the console. Another factor was Sony attempting to prevent leaks.

Back in 2006, the PlayStation 3’s original model was revealed to sell for $599 USD- much to the mockery of consumers. This was compared to the Xbox 360’s initial cost of $299 just one year prior.

Comparatively, the launch of the original PlayStation devastated the Sega Saturn. While E3 1995 had Sega announce their Sega Saturn would retail for $399, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Head of Development Steve Race approached the stage and simply said $299,” and then left to thunderous applause.

Wario64 (a Twitter account dedicated to video game news) had previously uncovered a listing for the PlayStation 5 for £599.99 on Amazon (an estimated $752.66 USD).

However this was prior to the console’s official reveal a day later, and an Amazon UK spokesperson (speaking to IGN), stated “this was an error,” and that it “was priced as a dummy product with a dummy price.” Now the console has been revealed, it seems likely this is close to the official retail price.

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