Skyrim Grandma Scaling Back Videos for Health Reasons, Denies they were due to Patronizing Comments

Skyrim Grandma

“Skyrim Grandma” has been scaling back her videos for health reasons, after reportedly suffering from patronizing comments, but she has denied it was an “onslaught.”

Shirley Curry had rose to internet fame, uploading videos of her playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This lead to her being added as a follower via a mod, and an NPC in the upcoming The Elder Scrolls VI.

In a recent vlog, Curry explained that she would be taking time off from producing videos due to poor health and stress. She appeared somewhat upset during the video.

“This is probably gonna be short, I hope. It’s not gonna be a happy video, but there’s some things that I have to say, and there’s some things I’m gonna have to do, and I just wanna let you know.

My health isn’t very good, my blood pressure is going insane, my stress level is way to high, and I’m going to have to take control of it.

Some of the comments are stressing me out […] I know that I shouldn’t let these things stress me out, but they do. That’s just the way it is.

From now on I will respond to very very few comments. I will be deleting a lot of comments. Here are some of the reasons why.

I have played Skyrim for years, and I know about the HUD, I know about the different mechanics of how to play the game, and I don’t have to be reminded and told all the time. Any comments I see like that is gonna be deleted.

I don’t have to be told what games to play, and describe to be what the game’s are like. I look at all the games, I’m a gamer. If I wanted to play them, I would be playing them. And when I tell somebody ‘no,’ that’s a simple answer, easily understood.

You don’t need to come back with ‘why?’ Because I don’t have to explain myself, and when I do, nobody seems to get it anyway. That’s a very simple anwser to understand, ‘no’.

Also I’m tired of trying to explain role-play to people, and I’m at the point where I don’t even care if I make up a story in my head any more, and play it or not. I don’t care.”

Curry stated comments akin to what she laid out would be deleted, and encouraged those who didn’t like how she played to watch someone else. She said she did not enjoy recording anymore, and being under scrutiny.

This was further exacerbated by a glitch, preventing her from finishing her “Jhondor Chronicles” series.

PCGamesN, Forbes, DualShockers, The Metro, and VG24/7 reported on the story. They focused on the story in a way that implied that Curry had been harassed online.

However, Curry soon corrected them (replying to VG24/7 on Twitter), saying they had blown the issue out of all proportion.

“VG247 I don’t know who you are or where you get your ideas from, but there was NO ‘onslaught’ of patronizing comments!!! But yes I am scaling back my videos due to health. Most people on my channel are very nice. I do wish you would delete this so it would go away.”

No matter the true nature of the comments, Curry insists that it may not be as bad as other as reported.

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