Multiplayer Cook ’em Up Cannibal Cuisine Available Now on PC and Nintendo Switch

Cannibal Cuisine

Rocket Vulture have announced the launch of multiplayer “cook ’em up” Cannibal Cuisine.

As detailed in the press release, the evil god Hoochooboo demands food- and the local tourists are ripe for the picking. Up to four players attempt to hunt, cook, and feed tourists to Hoochooboo across 24 levels. Just make sure not to anger it, or you’ll suffer for it!

Players can gain voodoo-style power ups, including breathing fire or earth-shaking stomps, to help in their quest. The game also features PVP, where players must kill each other, and feed them to opposing gods.

You can find the Official Release trailer below.

The game is currently 25% off until May 27th. You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

The recipes for success are varied; find delicious fruits and vegetables, and combine them with freshly chopped and cooked tourists for a truly divine delicacy fit for the God Hoochooboo. Of course the tourists might not offer themselves up freely, the heathens, so you’ll need to master your arcade reflexes, voodoo magic and fire breathing, useful for baking as well, to persuade them without getting KO’d!

Tour the island
Ready, steady, cook your way through many levels in a full campaign across the island. Overcome spikes in mysterious temples, bushwhack your way through tourist infested jungles and stay away from lava in the underground.

Other-foodly activities
All kinds of extra-culinary skills are needed too to appease Hoochooboo. Skills such as outrunning the Spikey Log of Doom™, defeating waves of tourists and the tour boss in the jungle arena, as well as other challenge levels to prove yourself as the one true cook.

How Foodoo you
Mystical voodoo powers are the perfect ingredients to success, allowing you to dash, place healing totems or even breathe fire. In multiplayer each chef can choose a different ability to fit their cooking style.

Foodfest or Foodfight
Cook your way through hell’s kitchen solo or with up to 4 chefs. Or challenge each other to foodfights in PvP. With so many chefs in the kitchen, chaos is sure to follow.

Cannibal Cuisine features:

  • Arcade combat with unfortunate tourists – don’t forget your voodoo powers!
  • Navigate varied tropical levels to collect extra ingredients and prepare Hoochooboo’s meals.
  • Many levels of cannibal chaos in the jungle, temple, on the beach, and inside a volcano!
  • Choose your cannibal couture with many options for weapons and accessories.
  • Play solo, cooperatively, or in versus mode with 1-4 players.

Cannibal Cuisine is available now on Windows PC (via Steam), and Nintendo Switch.

Image: Steam

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