Chess-based Puzzle Game Knight Swap 2 Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Knight Swap 2

QUByte Interactive have announced Minimol Games’ Chess-based puzzle game Knight Swap 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

As stated in the press release, tasks players with moving knight chess pieces around a board, so that they are each-other’s starting positions.

However, this concept is built upon with switches, squares that disappear after being stepped on, moving sections, teleporters, knights of the same color moving at the same time, double-sided boards, and more. The game originally launched on Steam in late 2019.

You can find the Nintendo Switch trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

The sequel of the successful Knight Swap, with more levels, more gameplay mechanics and more fun.

Knight Swap is a minimalist puzzle game based on the old chess problem of swapping knights on a board.

The goal in each level is to move the opposing knights to where the others are placed (and vice versa) using the features of the board.

  • Designed for Knight Swap fans and newcomers alike;
  • 50 originally designed levels;
  • All the original Knight Swap features included: partial and complete rotations, trigger buttons, teleportation tiles, and movable parts;
  • *Additional gameplay mechanics*, that takes the original Knight Swap concept to a completely new level of difficult and fun;
  • Originally composed music to help you focus and relax while solving the puzzles;

Can you swap the Knights?

Knight Swap 2 is available on Windows PC, Mac (both via Steam), and Nintendo Switch.

Image: Nintendo

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