Hello Neighbor Animated Series Six Minute Test Pilot Premiers April 17

Hello Neighbor Animated Series

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tinyBuild Games have announced a six minute test pilot for a Hello Neighbor animated series.

Developed by Dynamic Pixels, the original Hello Neighbor stealth game released in 2015 in an alpha state, before being officially released in 2017. Despite poor reviews from critics and players alike [1, 2, 3], the game gained a cult following, along with a prequel (Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek) and a multiplayer spin-off (Secret Neighbor).

Now, tinyBuild Games have announced [1, 2] that they will be producing a six minute test pilot for a Hello Neighbor animated series. tinyBuild explain (via a video) that the goal of the test pilot is to see if fans like the animation, voice acting, style, and overall execution. They also hope if the pilot generates enough interest, a studio will approach them to fund the full season.

While tinyBuild state they were at a stage to produce a 20 minute pilot episode, they felt a condensed six minute video would be “easier to digest” for those unfamiliar with the game.

The animated series takes place in the town of Raven Brookes, where a group of children attempt to find their missing friends. They are lead by Nicky, the protagonist of the original game.

Believing the father of those missing children- Mr. Peterson- they begin to stalk and break into his home. This takes before Act 1 of the original game.

The script will be written by Carly Anne West, who also wrote books based on Hello Neighbor. She has also created an outline for the whole season, should it be produced.

After the pilot premieres, more details will be shared with those with a YouTube Membership to the tinyBuild Games YouTube channel. This will also include a Q&A, and special guests.

You can find teasers for the pilot within tinyBuild’s detail video here (at the 3:09 mark), and below.

Hello Neighbor: Animated Series premiers April 17th at 10am PST, on YouTube.

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