Nintendo Recommend Japanese Users Utilize Two-Step Verification, After Numerous Unauthorized Access to Accounts


Nintendo have recommended Japanese users use two-step verification for their Nintendo accounts, after an increased number of reports of unauthorized users accessing accounts, and using their credit card.

The news comes from the Japanese Nintendo Customer Service Twitter account. A tweet states (Translation: Google Translate) “In April, the number of inquiries stating that ‘You have been unauthorizedly logged into your Nintendo Account and your credit card has been illegally used’ has been increasing.”

As such, they recommend their users use two-step verification on their Nintendo account. As of this time of writing, no such recommendation has come from the western Nintendo social media accounts.

The comment section of MyNintendoNews‘ article has two users who claim that they received warning emails, stating someone attempted to log into their accounts from Russia. They theorize Nintendo may have been hacked, and have not disclosed it.

We must emphasize that none of the claims those commenters made could be verified. We have reached out to Nintendo, asking if a hack has occurred, and if western users should set-up two-step verification.

In any case, you can find a guide for how to set-up two step verification on your Nintendo account here. We also recommend readers change their passwords for any accounts with financial information on a regular basis.

Image: Nintendo

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