Worldwide PS4 Shipments Top 108.9 Million Units

PlayStation 4

Based on financial results released by Sony, it has been concluded that the PlayStation 4 has sold 108.9 million units.

The news comes via Sony’s Q3 FY2019 Consolidated Financial Results– or more specifically the Supplemental Information. On page 4, we can see the PlayStation 4 has sold 6.1 million units in Q3, 2019 (along with 2.8 million in Q2, and 3.2 million in Q1).

Combined with our prior report from October 30th 2019, the PlayStation 4 had sold a total of 102.8 million units since its launch in 2013 (and became the second best-selling home game console of all time, only surpassed by its predecessor, the PlayStation 2).

From the Q3 report, we know Sony’s third quarter lasts from October 1st to December 31st (“Three months ended December 31, 2019”). We also know from our article on October 30th, that the information came from a report from Sony’s Q2 – July 1st to September 30th. Therefore, we can conclude that the PlayStation 4 has sold around 108.9 million units.

The main Q3 2019 report also outlines that sales in PlayStation 4 units have decreased compared to Q3 2018, along with a decrease in non-first party games.

Combined with an “impact of foreign exchange rates”, Sony’s Games and Network Services sold 158.5 billion yen less (est. $1.4 billion USD) than Q3 in 2018.

This decrease should not be of too much concern for the seven year old console however, as the PlayStation 5 is drawing ever closer. Considering the Xbox Series X is set to launch Holiday 2020, it seems likely the PlayStation 5 will also launch around that time.

The PlayStation also sold 96.8 million units in April, 2019, and 86.1 million units back in October, 2018.

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