Kingdom Hearts “Xehanort” Smartphone Game Title Revealed; Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Square Enix have announced the title of their new Kingdom Hearts smartphone game originally dubbed Xehanort; Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

As mentioned in our prior coverage, the game seems centered around series antagonist Xehanort, with the question “Why did he become the seeker of darkness?” 

Due to the character’s involvement with time-travel and multiple selves, where this game takes place in the Kingdom Hearts timeline may be complicated, and even the protagonist’s identity.

All signs so far point to it being a younger Xehanort during his childhood, before Birth by Sleep, but after Kingdom Hearts Union χ (originally called Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ).

This is due to Kingdom Hearts III showing this younger Xehanort discussing the Great Keyblade War with future Keyblade Master Eraqus. Though even those scenes seemed to indicate both characters were talking about events in Kingdom Hearts III, something that would only come to pass years later. The official website also notes the game will have in-app purchases.

A “Guess the Name Campaign” was also conducted, and concluded on January 28th. The 10 winners who gave their “best guess” will win $100 in Amazon Digital Gift Cards.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road launches Spring 2020 for Amazon Fire, Android, and iOS.

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