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Today’s Spotlight is Drawkanoid, an arcade-style brick breaking game by QCF Design, the developer behind Desktop Dungeons.

Drawkanoid promises to dial the Arkanoid formula up to 11 with flashing neon graphics, insane power-ups, and breakneck speed.

The ball in Drawkanoid travels at supersonic speed, meaning that players will need to use their limited bullet time powers to slow the ball to more manageable speeds. Spend your score to buy power-ups and buffs to push your score even higher.

You can check out an earlier trailer below.

Drawkanoid is available on Windows PC, and Mac via Steam for $7.99.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

Drawkanoid is a neon-drenched love letter to brick breaking games. We took out all the boring bits, like paddles, and turned everything up to 11! The ball moves at hyperspeed, shattering everything into explosion-filled eyecandy. Bullet time lets you react at the speed of thought. Tactically deployable powerups let you decide exactly when to go into full ludicrous mode. Unlock Countdown and Zen modes to up the tension or zone out and smash therapeutically beautiful glowing patterns.

You’ve never played something quite like this.

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