Super Nintendo World Music Video, “Power-Up Bands” Detailed, Opens This Summer

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan

Nintendo have released a music video to celebrate the upcoming opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, along with some other details of the park.

The music video We Are Born To Play is by artists Galantis and Charli XCX. The music video itself shows a lot of CGI (not to mention fancy foot-work and dabbing), but we can infer at least one detail. During the Mario Kart segment, we see four people riding in an enlarged kart. It seems that ride will seat up to four people.

You can view the music video below.

In addition, Universal Studios Japan released a video, detailing more about what will happen at the park during a presentation. Described as a “life-size living video game,” guests will be given “Power-Up Bands” to be worn around the wrist. These link with a smartphone app that will allow them to connect to “dozens of iconic items throughout the land.” 

This was demonstrated with a man managing to light up a Question Mark Block when he tapped it from below. The app will also keep track of digital coins, stamps, and more that guests collect.

Attractions mentioned in passing were Mushroom Kingdom, Peach’s Castle, Bowser’s Fortress, and Mario Kart.

Promotional events will occur in New York City in February. Bloomberg Journalist Kurumi Mori also reports the park will open this Summer in Osaka, with future Super Nintendo Worlds opening in Universal Studio parks in Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore.

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