English Gameplay Trailer and Lunagear Screenshots for Arc of Alchemist

Idea Factory International has shared a new trailer for Arc of Alchemist.

Featured above, the new trailer shows off chunks of gameplay in the action RPG. Here’s a brief rundown on the gameplay mechanics and features:

  • 7+ Playable Characters: With the new updates for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch release in North America and Europe, you can now play as 7+ characters! Each character specializes in different weapons, but Quinn can utilize all the weapons available! She can master the arts of the Lance, or even a Crossbow! The choice is yours!
  • Gimmicks and Traps: Around every sand dune lie gimmicks and traps that can harm or slow down your party’s progression. Gimmicks such as mechanical pillars, deadly spikes, and gas fields should be avoided at all costs, but keep spare potions just in case!
  • Base Building, Character Customization, and Upgrades:  The Base is an area for your squad to regroup, rejuvenate, and upgrade stats for future expeditions. Create new facilities that can add bonuses to a character’s base stats. Buy new equipment and weapons to strengthen a character’s attack and defenses. Adjust the formation of your squad before battle and even on-the-go! As you level up your characters and gather currency, players are able to increase a character’s base stats and learn new passive and active skills. Players can even change character skins to keep your squad looking fresh on the battlefield!

Idea Factory also shared new screenshots introducing the Lunagear system, which lets you make use of various elemental orbs. The orbs can be made of the four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. Each element can be used to unleash an individual attack, or you can combine two to make even more deadly attacks.

Here’s the new screenshots:

Arc of Alchemist is launching for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on January 30th in North America and on January 31st in Europe.

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