Silent Hill Art Director Masahiro Ito is Working on a New Game

Acclaimed art director and creature designer Masahiro Ito (the original three Silent Hill games) has confirmed he’s working on a new game.

The horror creator revealed he’s working on a new title as a “core member”, and that he “hopes the title won’t be cancelled.” Ito is referring to the previous games he worked on like the Sony Interactive Entertainment sci-fi horror game, set in Russia.

In regards to whatever this new game is, Ito teased by saying “I can tell you nothing yet.”┬áMore recently, Ito worked on the 2016-released horror game NightCry, as well as the 2018-released Metal Gear Survive.

The above artwork is not related to a game project, however Ito did note he “drew a concept art like the left one for a game project 10 years ago, but that concept wasn’t understood at all.”

We’ll keep you guys posted.

Cody Long


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