Alienware Reveals Nintendo Switch-like Portable PC Prototype

Dell has revealed the Alienware Concept UFO handheld at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Featured above, the new handheld is a full Windows PC, and is reportedly focused on – gaming. While details like specs and such are slim, a full reveal is planned for January 7th, at 10 AM Pacific.

Much like the Nintendo Switch, the handheld, a prototype literally called the “Concept UFO”, can be played in full handheld mode, docked mode and displaying on a TV or monitor, and in tabletop (with a kickstand) – the latter two of which let you use the detachable controllers, like the Switch’s Joy-Cons.

While Dell is fully displaying the Concept UFO, the handheld is a prototype, and thus it’s not fully greenlit for the market yet.

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