Sonic Mania Dev Headcannon Launches Kickstarter for 2D Side-scroller “Vertebreaker”

Headcannon, one of the developers behind Sonic Mania, has revealed Vertebreaker.

The new 2D, pixel-styled side scrolling game is seeking funding over on Kickstarter. You can view the pitch trailer above.

Vertebreaker is planned for a Windows PC release sometime in Q3 of 2021, if they reach their funding goal of $275,000. A playable demo is currently available in EXERAR, and ZIP forms.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

“Rest in Peace?!” You wish! Vertebreaker is a brand-new and authentic pixel-based side-scroller from Headcannon, the studio that helped bring Sonic Mania to the masses. Starring a stubby-yet-seemingly-unstoppable skeleton who’s thrashing their way to victory, it’s gothic, cartoonish, and unabashedly retro!

Take control of our bony hero in a crusade to crush the undead and look cool while doing it! In Vertebreaker, traversal is key as you slash, bash, and grapple your way through the most wicked 2D adventure yet! “What is ‘traversal’”? It’s slinging, swinging, and launching from floors, walls, and ceilings to propel yourself forward or even upward with serious speed!

Save the day with our pearly-boned mascot, their mysterious golden half-skull, and their sick grappling hook made from the spine of a demon! “What demon”? It doesn’t matter … does it … ?

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