Niche Spotlight – Steambirds Alliance

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Today’s Spotlight is Steambirds Alliance, a top-down cooperative bullet hell MMO by Spry Fox.

Designed by the co-developer of Realm of the Mad God, Steambirds Alliance is set in an aerial steampunk world where birds dogfight with cats in heavily armed fighter planes. You can find a trailer above.

Like Realm of the Mad God, Steambirds Alliance features permadeath and revolves around players teaming up to complete missions and take down massive bosses. The game features 14 upgradable fighter planes to master, and the game’s microtransactions revolve around cosmetic items like pilot and plane skins.

Steambirds Alliance is free to play on Windows PC and Mac via Steam.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

WAR IN THE SKY: Bird Rebels vs the Feline Empire!

Steambirds Alliance is a massively-cooperative, permadeath bullet-hell shooter! Fly with dozens of your feathered friends in an open world full of cruel cat bosses and endless waves of deadly bullets. Experience hundreds of unique enemies, secret missions, and 14 unique aircraft to unlock and master. Team up with your fellow birds to end the reign of Meowza, the evil cat overlord.

Steambirds Alliance is brought to you by Spry Fox, co-developer of Realm of the Mad God, the first-ever MMO shmup.

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