Mana Storm DLC Now Available for Mystic Vale

Nomad Games have just released the final DLC pack for their digital adaptation of the deckbuilding game Mystic Vale.

Mana Storm adds 48 new Advancement cards, 18 Vale cards, 7 Leaders, and new mechanics in the form of Amulets and negative Victory Points.

Here’s a rundown of the new content:

The campaign to restore Gaia’s realm rages on and other druidic clans combating the curse have joined the ranks. And it’s not just druids who have heeded the call; other creatures have also joined the fight, eager for a day when all are free from the accursed blight.

Mana storm brings another 48 Advancement Cards and 18 Vale Cards to the game and introduces a new mechanic in the form of Amulets. The new cards and amulets may contain negative Victory Points, making your battle even more of a struggle.

Mystic Vale – Mana Storm is available on Windows PC, Mac (both via Steam), iOS, and Android, both by itself or as part of the Season Pass.

Frank Streva


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