Switch SNES-Style Controller Appears in FCC Listing, Speculation Points to SNES Games for Switch

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A listing for a SNES style controller for the Nintendo Switch has appeared on the United States Federal Communications Commission ID Database website (FCC).

While the listing has a lot of technical information and is simply called the “Nintendo Wireless Game Device,” the PDF for ID Label/Location Info contains an image of the back of the controller. Editor’s Note: PDF hosted by fccid.io

The controller has a strong resemblance to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System’s iconic controller, and uses the model number with the letters HAC- typically used for Nintendo Switch hardware and accessories’ model numbers.

Nintendo already released a Wireless NES Controller to play NES games via the Nintendo Switch Online membership. It could be possible similar is happening here.

This is supported by Japanese Business publication Nikkei (via Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of Kantan Games), which reported that it had learned Nintendo was adding more services to Switch Online in the future, along with an additional pricing tier.

Editor’s Note: The featured image is not the official image of the SNES Wireless Switch Controller.

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