Crowdfunding Recap – Path of Titans, Alder’s Blood, and More

It’s been about two months since I’ve done one of these, so it’s time to check out some more games currently looking for funding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Even if you don’t like to crowdfund anything, be sure to keep an eye on these games if any of them catch your interest so you can support them when they come out.

Here’s 5 promising games currently on Kickstarter and Indiegogo:

Path of Titans
Developer: Alderon Games
Platforms: Windows PC, mobile
Funding goal: $51,440 (210% funded)
End date: August 15th

First up this week is Path of Titans, a dinosaur MMO currently looking for support on Indiegogo. The game allows players to pick their favorite dinosaurs and explore vast prehistoric maps, with 10 different species currently playable in the game. Players will be able to group up with others to form small herds, or large clans that give players access to unique quests and other perks. Quests allow players to unlock new abilities and skin colors and patterns, and generally revolve around activities relevant to the species, like finding rare plants or hunting your preferred prey. Each map will support 200 players, and will also be populated by tons of NPC animals. Path of Titans will launch with full mod support and cross-platform multiplayer, and the game’s budding community has already created new maps and dinosaurs in anticipation of the game’s final release.

Path of Titans is targeting an early 2020 release. You can get a copy for as little as $19.

Developer: Roencia
Platforms: Windows PC
Funding goal: $15,000 (40% funded)
End date: August 31st

Crypterion is a mixture of sci-fi business tycoon and visual novel set in the same universe as the developer’s previous game, Omni Link. Start with a small business, a rickety old cargo ship, and a massive debt from a predatory loan shark company before climbing your way to the top. Buy, ship, and sell goods across the galaxy, invest your money wisely, take on special contracts, upgrade your ship, and hire new crew and specialists to carve out your own story. You’ll meet a wide range of companion characters along the way that you can build relationships and business agreements with, most notably the mysterious Astra. You will have the ability to shape Astra’s emotions and personality based on how you interact with her, though your relationships in general will have a big impact on the latter half of the game.

Crypterion is set to release in December via Early Access, and will hopefully get a full release next summer. You can get a no-frills Steam key for $20, though the $30 pledge includes access to the alpha when it comes out on Steam Early Access.

Hotel Magnate
Developer: Bastion Interactive
Platforms: Windows PC, Mac, Linux
Funding goal: $44,121 (39% funded)
End date: September 7th

On the subject of tycoon games, Hotel Magnate is a hotel management sim that lets you build anything from a humble travel stop, to a 5-star luxury casino resort. Design the foundation of your business and furnish your rooms however you see fit. Attract guests with tons of attractive amidites and activities, including pools, spas, restaurants, gambling rooms, or even conference halls for traveling businessmen to work on the road. As with many management games, you’ll need to put in place fail safes and other contingency plans to prevent disasters, ensuring that a malfunctioning microwave doesn’t cause a devastating fire.

Hotel Magnate is on course to release early next year. You can get your own copy for $20.

Alder’s Blood
Developer: Shockwork Games
Platforms: Windows PC and Switch, with stretch goals for PS4 and Xbox One
Funding goal: $12,000 (60% funded)
End date: September 5th

Alder’s Blood is a mixture of turn-based strategy and stealth tactics set in a grim Victorian-Western universe where god has turned his back on humanity, allowing the world to plunge into darkness. You control a band of professional monster hunters that wish to bring about hope and salvation by slaying the roaming packs of werewolves, vampires, ghouls, and other eldritch horrors that prey upon humans. Being mere mortals themselves, your hunters will need to rely on stealth, cunning, specialized gear, and devious traps to gain an edge in battle against the various otherworldly beasts you’ll face.

Alder’s Blood is largely a near-complete product, with the Kickstarter mostly serving as a cash injection to get things finished up before its release early next year, and to help fund the PS4 and Xbox One ports. Pledges start at $20 for a copy, or $17 if you are quick enough to grab one of the remaining early bird specials.

Developer: Team KwaKwa
Platforms: Windows PC, Switch
Funding goal: $20,581 (80% funded)
End date: August 28th

Finally, we come to Helvetii, a 2D character-action game with roguelite elements inspired by Celtic folklore. The young war chief Divico has just repelled a Roman invasion, but at a terrible cost. Divico accepted a pact from ancient and malevolent forces to achieve victory, and now a devastating corruption known as the Rot is sweeping across his lands. Divico must team up with the druid Nammeios and the half-beast Renart to reverse the Rot and save his people. Helvetii features three playable characters, each with a diverse array of combos, weapons, and ranged attacks. Each run is relatively short, and has randomized level layouts and item drops. You can find an early alpha demo on the game’s Kickstarter page.

Helvetii is set to release late next year. You can buy a single copy for $10, or get a two-pack for $15 so you can bring along a friend.

Which of these games are you interested in? Will you be pledging to any of these campaigns?

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