Drone Strike Force Beta Weekend Now Live

Odisi Games is currently holding a beta weekend on Steam for their upcoming drone-based tactical shooter, Drone Strike Force. The beta will run until Sunday afternoon.

In Drone Strike Force, players engage in fast and tactical aerial dogfights in a near-future world where corporations and citizen soldiers wage war with highly customizable and heavily armed drones.

Choose your drone, an operating system (which functions similarly to a class), and your loadout of high caliber machine guns and rocket launchers to dominate the skies of the future. You can check out a new trailer above.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Drone Strike Force is challenging the standard online shooter with the introduction of the z (vertical) axis in a competitive, skill based environment. Use the Q, E and F keys along with your weapons to dominate your enemies, while ramping up your situational awareness and maneuverability skills to the 3rd Dimension!

Choose among unique Drones to fly into combat! Each Drone can currently have one of three Operating Systems, each functioning similar to a class. As a player, you can progress through these Operating Systems to unlock new capabilities for the compatible Drones!

Drone Strike Force is built for fast-paced aerial combat to showcase the raw power and speed of these cutting-edge machines. Fly and shoot at high velocity while using the environment and your drone’s agile capabilities to outmaneuver enemies and give your team the win.

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master
Drone Strike Force is a glimpse into the future of warfare, with standard controls that should feel intuitive coming from most action shooters. The sky is the limit however as you seek to turn opposing Drones from all around to shrapnel. Explore the right mix of Drones, loadouts and tactics that work for you and your team to dominate your enemies.

Drone Strike Force will be releasing later this year on Windows PC via Steam Early Access.

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