Japanese Man Arrested for Threatening Square Enix With a “Repeat of Kyoto Animation”

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We’ve learned a man has been arrested for allegedly sending serious death threats to Square Enix, in Japan.

Kenichi Hiratsuka (40), was arrested (via News24) for allegedly sending the death threats to Square Enix, going as far as saying he would commit a “Repeat of Kyoto Animation,” a nod to the awful arson attack that claimed the lives of 35 people at Kyoto Animation last month.

Reportedly, Hiratsuka sent several threats to the company via their official website, saying he spent over 17,000 yen (roughly $160) on one of Square Enix’s games, demanding his money be returned over a bad game.

When questioned later by Tokyo police upon his arrest, he said he was angry at losing in their game, so he sent the threatening messages. Further details weren’t confirmed.

Brandon Orselli


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