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New Trailer, Playable Prototype Revealed for Away: The Survival Series

Breaking Walls have released a new trailer and playable demo for their upcoming sugar glider survival sim, Away: The Survival Series.

The game, which tasks players with living out the daily life of a sugar glider in the wild, is in its final week on Kickstarter. You can view a new trailer above.

The game has raised just over $100,000 CAD, a sizable chunk above its initial $60,000 CAD initial goal. To help drum up more interest, Breaking Walls have released a playable prototype on the game’s Steam page.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Set in a distant future, a series of natural disasters threatens the survival of every species on the planet. As you venture deeper into the wilderness, do you have what it takes to make it out alive?

Inspired by nature documentaries, AWAY: The Survival Series is a 3rd-person adventure game that takes you on the Sugar Glider’s breathtaking journey into the wild.

As cataclysmic storms bear down on the planet, you must travel across vast environments in search of safer lands. From the mighty treetops to the forest floor, immerse yourself in nature as you explore a vibrant world brimming with life, but beware of the dangers that await on your journey…

Watch the world around you come to life as you explore a rich diversity of stunning environments and uncover the hidden life that lies deep within the forests, caverns, and swamps.

Sitting near the bottom of the food chain, the Sugar Glider makes up for its small size with superior agility as you jump, climb, and glide through your surroundings.

From tiny insects to mighty beasts, the world of AWAY is filled with animals of all shapes and sizes. But you must be cautious, as dangerous predators await in these troubled lands…

Having worked on hundreds of major game and movie soundtracks, including the Planet Earth II and Life nature documentaries, Mike Raznick brings his experience as a multi-award winning composer and audio director to AWAY with an enchanting orchestral score.

Away: The Survival Series is set to release Q1 2020 for Windows PC (via Steam) and PS4. You can grab a digital copy during the Kickstarter for as low as $19.

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