13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim New Trailer, Launches November 28 in Japan

Atlus have announced VanillaWare’s 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim release date in Japan, along with more information about the game.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim will launch November 28th in Japan for PlayStation 4 (a western release is planned, but hasn’t been dated yet). You can view the game’s latest trailer above.

Some new tidbits and summaries for the game have been revealed, via the official Japanese website.

A Story About 13 Boys and Girls Told Over the Past and Future

“This is an emergency alert. Large, unidentified, meteorite-like objects are destroying the city as we speak.” This news announcement is what ends normal life for everyone and the impending disaster. The boys and girls that survived now pilot “sentinels” to save mankind.

By playing as each of the 13 characters, the true story about “the fate of ruin” will be revealed- each showing their own perspective on events and new information.


The game is made of three parts- Adventure, Battle, and Archives.

In Adventure, you pick up key-words. Using these words in conversation with other NPCs (and other possible playable characters) can change those keywords into something new and offer more keywords. Slowly you can piece together mysteries surrounding the characters and the world.

This mystery solving is also aided by Archives. This lets you review everything you have come across, re-watch events, and examine the mystery from a fresh perspective.

Last but certainly not least is Battle. Sentinels come in four types- Close-Range, Hand-to-Hand, Long-Range, and Flight. Utilizing your Sentinels in “simulation battles” against the kaijuu attacking the city.

Live Stream

A live stream took place on July 18th. You can find gameplay segments at 10:59, 2:57:42, 3:21:34 (all focusing on Adventure), and 3:48:15 (focused on Battle).

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