Valve Announces Steam Labs, a New Platform for Users to Test WIP Projects

Valve has revealed Steam Labs, a totally new section on Steam that allows users to test projects they currently have in development.

Here’s a rundown on the new platform:


These are works in progress. Some of them may turn out great. Others, we may toss out. We hope that most will be improved with your feedback and go on to be a part of Steam. This is the way of Steam Labs.


We’re always trying new things with Steam, but often only share them with the world when they’re ready to be made a part of the platform. Steam Labs allows us to share these ideas earlier and improve them with your feedback before making them official.


Like all new Steam features, Steam Labs is itself an experiment, in that it is a work in progress which will only get better with informed iteration. We hope you’ll share your ideas and feedback in the discussions. We look forward to experimenting together.

Brandon Orselli


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