Turok: Escape from Lost Valley Leaked, Launches July 25

Publisher Universal Studios and developer Pillow Pig Games have announced Turok: Escape from Lost Valley.

While the game is listed on Steam for a Windows PC release on July 25th, the lack of any official announcement or press release – especially the trailer that ends with “available now,” makes us think this is a leak.

While not a first-person shooter, the third-person action/adventure is based on the comic series the original Nintendo 64 game was based on.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Turok: Escape from Lost Valley is a third-person action/adventure game where the Player is Turok, trying to find a way back home. The player explores this strange place with Andar, and it will take all their skills to survive the environment, creatures, and other dangers on the adventure through the Lost Valley

In Turok: Escape from Lost Valley, you wake from a long sleep as Turok and adventure alongside Andar through the dangerous world of the Lost Valley as you seek to find a path home.

Encounter iconic creatures from the Turok comic series with a cute but dangerous twist. Master the art of the knife and the bow as you encounter adorable but deadly enemies, discover a path through unique environments, and choose the best weapon for the enemy in front of you.

Live the adventure! Confront your foes, assist primordial natives, and keep Andar and yourself alive as you Escape from Lost Valley!

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