Xbox Boss: E3 2019 Wasn’t as Good Without Sony

This year’s E3 was quite the show for both fans and all the staff here at Niche Gamer – however one thing that was definitely noticeable was the fact that Sony had no booth or presence at the long-running gaming convention – so much so that Xbox took notice.

Executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, noted the annual event wasn’t as good of a show without Sony making an appearance.

“I wish Sony was here. E3 is not as good when they’re not here,” Spencer said in an interview with Giant Bomb. Microsoft had quite the showing this year – the company showed off over 60 games during their E3 press conference.

Spencer talked up the industry at large, and suggested that major players in the gaming biz should coming together.

“We have to stand up as an art form and an industry and explain that we’re not just slack-jawed kids in basements swearing at each other and trying to headshot everybody,” Spencer remarked.

The Xbox boss also noted that Scarlett, the tentative name for the next Xbox console, will not be their last gaming console.

Brandon Orselli


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