Super Mario Maker 2 Online Update to Let You Play With Friends

During Nintendo Treehouse’s demonstration of Super Mario Maker 2, it was revealed an update for the game is planned to allow players to play with friends online.

In case you missed our prior coverage, Nintendo originally revealed that you would only be able to play against random players while online.

During the Nintendo Treehouse demonstration (around the 1:22 mark), the game’s Producer Takashi Tezuka stated that there would be “changes to the matching with friends that you can play.”

Later (at the 28:06 mark), one of the Treehouse representatives stated that the development team were still working hard on the game, and “that a new ability coming with an update to be able to play with your friends online” is something players will enjoy.

It hasn’t yet been announced when this update will be released.

Super Mario Maker 2 is launching for Switch on June 28th.

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