Mars Colonization and Terraforming Game “Per Aspera” Announced

Tlön Industries and Raw Fury announced their narrative-driven strategy game Per Aspera at the PC Gaming Show.

Per Aspera is a strategy game about the struggles and hardships involved in humanity’s first effort to terraform Mars and create a permeant colony.

The game’s map is based on real imaging data obtained from NASA. You can check out the announcement trailer above.

Per Aspera is set to release sometime next year for Windows PC via Steam.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

What is humanity’s role in the grand scheme of the universe? What are we willing to endure to find out?

Per Aspera is a planetary simulation experience that combines hard science fiction and base building. You control a superintelligent Artificial Consciousness with the prime directive of terraforming Mars for human colonization—a mission that is rife with challenges. Explore a map based on geographical data from NASA, harvest available resources from the surface, and utilize technology based on real-life engineering and scientific principles to create a thriving interplanetary operation.

Though you are alone at first, you will have assistance from your crew in Houston. Forge or test relationships based on your choices—choices that will impact how your mission concludes.

Experience the actual conditions and challenges that a terraforming process involves as you implement studies and scientific theories proposed by real space agencies and engineers. Try out various colonizing strategies, expand throughout the entire map, and live the experience of transforming humanity into a multi-planetary species!

In Per Aspera, you take control of an Artificial Consciousness named AMI, whose prime directive is anything but simple: terraform Mars into a lush, verdant paradise and prepare it for human colonization. But you aren’t the first to attempt this mission, and as you face the hardships before you, in time you may uncover the truth of their fate. Hardship awaits.

Key Features:

  • Experience how a real-life terraforming mission would be.
  • Build huge structures across the entire world map. All of Mars is your playground!
  • Unravel the twists and turns of mankind’s first missions to Mars in a riveting single-player narrative.
  • Develop your base and test your theories at your own pace in sandbox mode.
  • Research new technologies and special projects based on real-to-life science.
  • Explore real Martian landscapes portrayed in a unique graphical style.
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