Light Gun Controller Announced for Polymega Console

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The insane folks at Playmaji have announced a light gun controller for the Polymega, their upcoming throwback modular console.

Dubbed simply the Retro Gun Controller RGC01, or RGC01 for short, the HDTV compatible sub-compact light gun is compatible with all of the classic light gun games supported on Polymega to date, including games on: NES, SNES, Genesis / Mega Drive, Sega / Mega CD, PS1, and Sega Saturn.

Here’s a look at both the Japan / North America version (with swappable safety tip) and the international version:

Playmaji is expecting these bad boys to retail for $99.99 a piece, and will be available “shortly after” the Polymega launches, which should be sometime this summer.

Here’s some more glamour shots:

Here’s a rundown on the new hardware:

Light guns were a long-lost casualty of the war for bigger, clearer pictures and more energy-efficient displays. While TV display technology advanced, games and accessories that relied on the precise timing of older TVs were permanently left by the wayside. For years now, we’ve gone without a truly great solution for playing classic Light Gun games on HDTVs and needless to say, it’s been a wish of every gamer for a way to cozy up to them again in front of a big, flat panel monitor with great accuracy and a little-to-no setup time.

We have some unfinished business with this guy…


Today we’re announcing the development of the latest member of the family. Retro Gun Controller RGC01 for Polymega™. RGC01 is an HDTV-compatible Sub-Compact Light Gun that is intended to work with all of the classic Light Gun games supported by Polymega™ to date, including those for NES, SNES, Genesis / Mega Drive, Sega / Mega CD, PS1, and Sega Saturn. Powered by Sinden Technology, you can connect one or more RGC01’s to the Base Unit via USB cable and start blasting away on all your favorite Light Gun shooting games. The best part? It requires no other devices, sensors, or complicated setup to use. It just works.


When designing RGC01, there were factors to consider in order to retain the Polymega™ vibe, while also meeting the legal requirements necessary to release in certain countries around the world. To meet both goals we decided to make two versions of RGC01, one for North American and Japanese markets, and one for release everywhere else. Both versions will ship with the Blaze Orange tip attached for safety and compliance purposes, but will also include a second Charcoal Grey Tip which can be optionally attached, if so desired.


The technology powering RGC01 can be found in-depth at Sinden Technology’s website or Kickstarter campaign page, which was successfully funded earlier this year. We think this tech represents a generational leap forward for Light Guns using modern displays, so credit to him for creating a great new way to play. Andy and the team at Playmaji are working together now to integrate the tech into the Polymega, and are anticipating an approximate retail price of $99 USD for the single gun package, and release shortly after retail launch of the system. If you’re at E3 next week in LA, come by our booth in the South Hall (IndieCade) and see the RGC01 and Polymega in person!

In case you missed it, we did a thorough first impressions hands-on preview with the Polymega console – you can find that here.

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