Yakuza Boss Talks Up PlayStation 5, New Ichiban Kasuga Game: Story is Finished, We’re Recording

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Sega has shared new details on the next Yakuza game.

The news comes via Yakuza series general director Toshihiro Nagoshi, who talked up the Ichiban Kasuga-led game (read our previous report here) in the latest Sega-Nama broadcast (via Games Jouhou), as well as his thoughts on Sony’s next home console.

Here’s a summary of the talking bits:

Nagoshi on the new Yakuza Game Starring Ichiban Kasuga

  • The story is finally done.
  • We’re currently recording, and the main part is over.
  • The experience was amazing as well. There are some actors cast that will surprise fans.
  • I was surprised with how much the actors fit their roles.
  • The new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, talks a lot more than Kiryu, and has different motivations behind his actions. The overall feel of the story is different, and the gameplay is also different. It feels fresh in many ways. I really want to reveal more soon. Despite the hard work, development has been smooth.

Nagoshi on PlayStation 5

  • After PlayStation 5 is released, I think PlayStation 4 will remain the focus for a while.
  • The processing power within PlayStation 5 is incredible, so when we think of how to use its performance in the sense of gameplay, I’m not really sure which bits of existing gameplay we should change up.
  • First graphics became beautiful, then network features improved, and now I think it’s a return to the programming stage? I think there will it focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and so on.
  • If you put everything into its graphics, I think it will be the best we’ve ever seen, and I think everyone will be thinking of how they can properly utilize its performance, myself included. I want to think about artificial intelligence and many other things.
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