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Debut Trailer, Details for Fishing Spirits Switch

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Bandai Namco have released a trailer for Fishing Spirits Nintendo Switch Version.

The trailer highlights how the motion controls are utilized to mimic the arcade peripherals, and support up to four players. Curiously, the official Japanese websites notes that the game cannot be played in Handheld Mode or with a single Joy-Con in single player.

The game has three modes. Medal Mode mimics the arcade game, catching fish earns you medal which can be spent to develop your equipment. While Medal Mode supports up to two players, Tournament  Mode supports up to four players and three different movesets.

Adventure Mode focuses on the Kappa Brothers attempting to catch the biggest fish and aquatic beasts (“Big Ones”) they can find. This mode introduces guarding and parrying to protect yourself from fish’s attacks. Materials earned from catching fish can be used to build new rods.

Finally, the game will contain over 250 types of fish, including “a lot” of new ones exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version.

Fishing Spirits Nintendo Switch Version launches July 25th in Japan for Nintendo Switch.

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