Dark Frontier Expansion for “Eternal” Launches May 9

Dire Wolf Digital has announced the release date for the next expansion for their digital card game, Eternal.

The new Dark Frontier expansion is launching on May 9th. Fans can expect the new expac to add over 200 new cards and new mechanics to the game. You can read about some of the new cards and mechanics here and here.

Dire Wolf Digital also recently announced that they will be partnering with Renegade Game Studios to create Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne, a physical spin-off of the digital CCG. Chronicles of the Throne is now available for preorder for $25, and comes with free content for the digital game, including a draft ticket, 10 card packs, and an exclusive totem. Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne is expected to release in August.

Eternal is available on Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, iOS, and Android. It will be getting a Switch port sometime later this year.

Frank Streva


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