New Update for Relaxing Ecosystem Management Game Equilinox Adds Meerkats

ThinMatrix has added a few new species to their relaxing ecosystem management game, Equilinox.

The focus of the latest patch are meerkats, which can build complex networks of tunnels throughout their territory.

The same patch also includes some new desert flora, and carnivorous plants and flies were added recently as well. You can watch a dev diary about creating the meerkats in the trailer above, and read more about the update here.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Equilinox is a relaxing nature game which allows you to create and nurture your very own diverse ecosystem of plants and animals. Sit back, start growing, and watch your world blossom and evolve in front of you!

Key Features:

  • Create – You can start creating your ecosystems by placing plants and animals into your world. Having a variety of plants and trees will make the terrain more fertile and allow wildlife to flourish, while animals will begin to earn you points which can be used to purchase various in-game resources.
  • Nurture – Every animal and plant has its own life-cycle, unique behaviors and requirements, so you need to ensure that each species is satisfied with its environment, has enough resources, and that the ecosystems are balanced. Healthy, happy animals will live longer, breed more, and earn you more points.
  • Evolve – The points you earn can also be used to genetically modify your species, allowing you to manipulate the traits and behaviors of your species for various benefits. You can also evolve your current wildlife to unlock more exotic plants, trees and creatures.
  • Progress – There are multiple in-game tasks that can be completed to gain rewards such as extra diversity points or new content. Some tasks can be repeated, making it possible to farm certain plants and animals to receive a regular income of diversity points.

Equilinox is available on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam for $9.99.

Frank Streva


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