Viking 4X Game Northgard Adds Svardilfari, Clan of the Horse

Shiro Games has released a new piece of DLC for their Viking 4X strategy game, Northgard.

The Svardilfari, Clan of the Horse DLC adds the titular clan of hardy craftsmen to the game’s roster of playable factions.

The clan is led by the twins Brok and Eitria, and unlike other war chiefs, they are recruited at their clan’s Forge instead of a military structure. The clan also has a special Forge, and the faction’s playstyle as a whole focuses on construction and craftsmanship. The new DLC costs $4.99.

The DLC is accompanied by a patch that you can read about here.

Here’s a rundown of the new content:

Led by Brok and Eitria, two spirited siblings, the Clan of the Horse are a quiet and sturdy people. They are also recognized by all as the best craftsmen and women of the known world.

The Clan’s Bonuses
The clan starts with specific advantages:

  • Eitria and Brok are the 2 clan Warchiefs, they can be recruited in the Forge, instead of the usual Military Camps
  • Both Warchiefs can fight, mine ore and forge
  • Völund’s Forge replaces the regular Forge
  • Villagers build and repair buildings faster

When reaching fame levels, the Clan of the Horse will gain additional tool improvements and the ability to build a second Relic!

The clan also has its own Relic, that will boost the Warchiefs survivability, forge and mining speed!

Völund’s Forge, Eitria and Brok
The regular forge is replaced by Völund’s Forge. Upgrading this forge will increase the forging speed by 20%.

Eitria and Brok are the clan of the Horse’s Warchiefs. They can be recruited from Völund’s Forge. They are at the center of the Clan mechanics, mainly because they are the only ones able to mine Stone or Iron, and Forge Tools, Weapons and Relics.

To mine a deposit with one of the Warchiefs (or with both), no need to build a mine, just assign them directly to the ore.

Svadilfari’s Lore Tree
The Clan’s Lore Tree will allow it to mine and forge more quickly, to gather Lore when mining or to boost it’s general production when placing Relics.

Upgrading civilian building will increase its population’s happiness and they have access to a third upgrade for their Watch Towers!

Northgard is available on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam for $29.99, and its currently 50% off.

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