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Chronicles of Gagana Expansion Now Available for Faeria

Abrakam SA and Versus Evil have launched a new expansion for their tactical card game, Faeria.

Chronicles of Gagana is the game’s third expansion since its business model was restructured, and adds a brand new continent to the lore. The first act in this new three-part story arc adds new Treasures and the Treasure Map mechanic, as well as the Discover keyword and the Mecha creature type. The new DLC pack costs $13.99.

Here’s a rundown of the new content:

Emperor Kaios has been defeated and the Oversky is saved.

This victory is short-lived, however, as the climate begins to slowly deteriorate, and extreme winds soon blow over the globe.

In search for a solution to the new, impending cataclysm, the crew of the Gagana ventures out into uncharted territory.

They will encounter new civilizations, new continents, new creatures…. and in the end: the Treasures of Gagana.

Chronicles of Gagana is the first part of a trilogy.


  • 40 New Cards including Treasures and Treasure Maps.
  • Keyword: Discover – Discover cards embrace the core theme of exploration and discovery
  • Treasure Maps – Find and accumulate powerful new Treasure cards that can also be played in Pandora mode
  • New Subtype – Mecha will be a new card subtype and deck archetype introduced in this expansion.
  • New Cosmetics

Faeria is available on Windows PC, Mac, Linux (all via Steam), and mobile for $24.99. The game will be coming to consoles sometime later this year.

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