Wolf Truce Event Now Live for WWI Shooter Tannenberg

M2H and Blackmill Games are running a special event for their WWI multiplayer shooter, Tannenberg.

The Wolf Truce is inspired by real stories from the Russian and Polish fronts in WWI. Starving wolves attacking small patrols of soldiers were a real threat several times in the war, and even escalated to wolves killing and eating soldiers inside their own trenches. It got so bad that the Entente and Central Powers in the Eastern Front had to call a temporary truce to cull the local wolf populations.

During the event, winter maps will spawn packs of wolves halfway through the match that will attack both sides. Teams will have to decide to temporarily work together to survive the wolf attacks, or take advantage of the chaos to deal a decisive blow. You can check out a trailer for the event above, and read the full details here.

The Wolf Truce will last until April 21st, and players will have a chance to earn special medals for playing on winter maps.

Tannenberg is available on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam for $19.99. You can find our full review of the game here.

Frank Streva


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