Patrice Desilets Says Amsterdam 1666 Is Still Happening

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything on Amsterdam 1666 – the Assassin’s Creed-like open world game focused on the devil – however we’ve learned the cancelled game still has life.

The news comes via an interview (via VG247) with creator Patrice Desilets at this year’s Reboot Develop conference, where Desilets said “for sure, Amsterdam 1666 is gonna happen.”

The game was previously conceived under THQ Montreal before Ubisoft snapped it up, when THQ went belly up. Desilets later had a legal battle over the ownership of the work, eventually earning the IP rights for the game in 2016.

Desilets is working on his latest game, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, under his new studio Panache Digital Games. He teased that tech they’re using in Ancestors could be used for Amsterdam 1666.

“You put the cape on the ape and you’re pretty good to do another game,” Desilets added. “If you think about it, climbing up a tree trunk, climbing a rock, climbing a building façade… It’s like now I’ve got a toolbox.”

Lastly, Desilets added that as technology has changed massively, he no longer has a huge AAA developer budget. Coming from this, he’ll probably need to rethink Amsterdam from the ground up.

“Now I am thinking about it a little bit. It’ll probably change a little bit,” Desilets explained. “You were more like the devil’s apprentice than the actual devil. Once I finish this and then, ‘Okay what’s next?’ If it’s Amsterdam 1666, I’ll probably restart from scratch.”

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