Sega Considering a PC Port for Judgment

We’ve learned Sega is seriously considering non-PlayStation ports for their latest big title, Judgment.

The news comes via an interview with game producer Kazuki Hosokawa (via IGN Japan), where the Sega boss talked up the possibility of porting Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios’ latest game to platforms other than PS4.

“I think the barriers have been lowered by putting [Yakuza] on Steam,” Hosokawa noted. “Currently, other platforms for Judge Eyes have not been decided yet, but it is being considered as one of the options. We are evaluating the possibilities of not just Steam but also other platforms.”

Recently, the actor for one of the characters in the game, Pierre Taki, was arrested, forcing Sega to halt sales of the game in Japan and recast him. The western PlayStation 4 release for Judgment is still on track for June 25th in the Americas and Europe.

Brandon Orselli


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