Fighting EX Layer DLC Character Area Delayed to June or July, Smartphone Version Released

Arika has confirmed a delay for a DLC character heading to Fighting EX Layer, alongside a new release for the fighting game.

During a video update on Fighting EX Layer, Arika president Akira Nishitani has confirmed DLC character Area has been delayed to “June or July”.

“It has already been announced, but while we had originally planned on releasing the next character by the end of May, we were forced to delay the release.

Currently, we are planning on releasing the character in June or July, but unfortunately I cannot give a definitive answer at the moment. I’m not even sure if we can release her or not, but even though our backs are to the wall, I’d like to share this screenshot of the next planned character.”

Nishitani also provided a look at Area, which you can find above and below. In addition he confirmed Area would now be a free update, much like Sharon earlier in March.

The video also confirmed Fighting EX Layer Alpha has been announced and released as a free-to-play title on Android and iOS.

Along with being designed for smartphones with swiping motions and simplified mechanics, the game features four playable characters: Allen, Blair, Duarun, and Skullomania.

In earlier news, Terry and Sharon’s releases were detailed- and both should be out now.

Fighting EX Layer is available now for Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

Ryan Pearson


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