Turbotax Now Exclusive to Epic Games Store (APRIL FOOLS)

In a puzzling turn of events, Intuit Turbotax has now signed an exclusivity deal with Epic Games – just in time for the tax season deadline.

The program, used by many 30 year old boomers to file their taxes, will likely drive a good deal of traffic to the Epic Store, which has seen its fair share of controversy in the last few months over scalping games from Steam.

Epic Games could not be reached for comment on this, though a response was given by Tencent Holdings Limited, who owns a 40 percent share in Epic Games. They replied with the following statement:

“Like, seriously, really, you guys. We are in no way going to be viewing your tax information. That’s a crazy accusation. The mere idea of it is laughable. We are not stealing your data,” the statement reads.

Information is still breaking on this story, but we will keep you posted as things develop. Tencent has also specifically asked us to not reference Winnie the Pooh in this article, or the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, for some reason.

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Cody Long


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