Switch Ports Announced for Eternal, Raiders of the North Sea

Dire Wolf Digital has announced that they will be bringing some of their popular digital card and board games to the Nintendo Switch.

Eternal is one of the company’s main IPs, and is a digital CCG set in a world that mixes Wild West technology with magic, monsters, and other more traditional fantasy tropes. The game is already available on Windows PC, Mac (both via Steam), iOS, Android, and Xbox One, and the upcoming Switch version will feature cross-play with all other platforms. The Switch version is set to release sometime this Spring.

Raiders of the North Sea is one of six upcoming digital adaptations of popular board and card games that Dire Wolf Digital announced back in January. The physical game is made by Renegade Game Studios, and is a Viking-themed worker placement game where players assemble raiding parties to attack coastal settlements belonging to their rivals. Raiders of the North Sea is set to release this Spring on Windows PC, iOS, Android, and Switch.

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