Official Twitter Account Launched for Monster Rancher Series

Koei Tecmo has launched an official Twitter account for the Monster Rancher series.

The new account was a surprise reveal to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Monster Rancher 2, which launched back in 1999 for the original PlayStation. The first game in the series,  Monster Rancher, released back in 1997.

Monster Rancher (Monster Farm in Japan) is a beloved series that focuses on – you guessed it, rearing monsters from spawnling to full-fledged beastie. It has spawned over ten games across the years and console generations, as well as a TV anime that aired back in 1997 as well.

While it remains to be seen what this could mean for the future of the series, a tweet posted after the launch asks fans to “please give us your support in the future!”

We’ll keep you guys posted.

Brandon Orselli


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