Niche Spotlight – Dismantle: Construct Carnage

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Today’s Spotlight is Dismantle: Construct Carnage, a new multiplayer brawler by Great Helm.

Players assemble their mechanical gladiators and fight to the death in deadly arenas filled with power-ups, weapons, and traps to be the last robot standing. The robotic nature of the combatants is also a mechanic in the game, and players can tear limbs from their rivals for use as improvised weapons. You can check out a trailer for the game above.

Please note that the game is local multiplayer only. Dismantle: Construct Carnage is available on Windows PC via Steam for $11.99.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Dismantle: Construct Carnage is a local-multiplayer arena brawler, where you can literally tear your opponents limb from limb. Feel the effects of damage as you hop, crawl and roll your way to victory, making sure your own body parts aren’t used as weapons against you.

Key Features:

  • Craft your Construct as you see fit, choosing your parts and paintwork, and tailoring your abilities to your play-style.
  • Every part of a character can be destroyed, eventually leaving only a pile of pieces where a player used to be.
  • As players take damage they are forced to crawl, hop, and roll to claim victory. Players will need to adapt and adjust to their shifting strengths and weaknesses if they hope to claim victory.
  • The carnage takes places across an array of deadly levels, where players do their best to avoid destructive traps while destroying anything that isn’t set in stone.
  • Wreak havoc with an arsenal of punishing weapons: deadly explosives, energy weapons, furniture and flaming swords to name a few.
  • Combat is fast, funny and furious, while remaining skillful.

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Frank Streva


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