New Trailer for Battlerite Royale Ahead of Free-to-Play Launch

Stunlock Studios has released new details and a launch trailer ahead of Battlerite Royale‘s launch from Early Access later this month.

Battlerite Royale‘s free-to-play launch on February 19th will coincide with the Big Patch update for both of Stunlock’s Battlerite games. You can watch the latest trailer above.

The patch will introduce three new Champions from Battlerite to Battlerite Royale (Oldur, Pearl, and Taya), two new map areas, and the introduction of a Battle Pass system and the first season of competitive play.

The original Battlerite will be getting major changes to make matches faster and more exciting. The All Champions Pack will also be permanently reduced to $19.99. You can read about the patch for both games here.

Both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale are free-to-play on Windows PC via Steam.

Frank Streva


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