Niche Spotlight – Sun Wukong VS Robot

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Today’s Spotlight is Sun Wukong VS Robot, a retro-inspired Metroidvania by a small Chinese indie studio named Bitca.

You play as the legendary Sun Wukong, who has been imprisoned in a mechanical maze by four evil robot overlords. Explore the maze to regain your powers, and defeat the four robot bosses to gather the gems you need to escape your prison. You can watch a trailer for the game above.

Sun Wukong VS Robot is available on Windows PC, Mac (both via Steam), iOS, and Android for $2.99.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

A mini retro pixel metroidvania game.


500 years later. Wukong is awake again. In a mechanical maze. Still holding his mighty weapon. A MIND LOCKER is put on his head. With 4 gems on the MIND LOCKER. Wukong is trapped inside the maze. The only way out of this maze. Is to defeat the masters of the gems. Four robots

Search for the missing skills. Destroy all robots. Break the MIND LOCKER. And be free.

Key Features:

  • Play as Sun Wukong with classic platformer mechanics.
  • Explore the side-scrolling maze with many rooms.
  • Get experience points by defeat robot enemies.
  • Awake abilities using experience points.
  • Get skill by discover skill capsules. There are 3 skills and they are upgradable.

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Frank Streva


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