Galaga Revenge Announced, Now Available Free

Bandai Namco has a surprise release for classic shoot ’em up fans – Galaga Revenge.

The new follow-up shmup is available free on both iOS via iTunes and Android via Google Play. Featured above, you can view the debut trailer for the game.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

2280CE: United Galaxy Space Force (UGSF) established the elite forces, Magnificent to protect its territories against the alien UIMS. These elite pilots are also known as the Void Squad. The Void Squad has the latest technology of mankind and they swear to protect the UGSF. However, due to the disparity between the two sides, Void Squad continues to recruit more enthusiastic drivers to join this war of survival…

Classic arcade 35th-anniversary evolution, the hellish barrage that you can never imagine. Ultimate fleet V.S Mutant Bosses! Come and challenge your finger limit!

Key Features:

  • Developed and published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Taiwan.
    New gameplay for the orthodox top-down shooter!
  • Classic arcade barrage, whole new plot, whole new threat!
    Design your very own fleet and save the galaxy while you can!
  • Warning! Feel the blood rush when you are dodging the overwhelming artillery barrage!
    Enjoy the breathtaking actions of soaring through the barrage of bullets and defeating the boss!
  • Merge! Unique ballistic! Satisfy your shooting spirit!
    Various combination of ships and escorts. Various type of bullets barrage combination. Enjoy the power of the Merge!
  • Galaga! The battle between artificial intelligence and human. Who will be the prey of the battle?
    Invasive attack from the bosses activates your evasive system!
  • The 35th anniversary of the classics! Give you the pleasure of the perfect Shoot’em up!
    The gaming moment that you have never forgotten. The evolution of Galaga, soaring through time and space.
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