Dirty Bomb Servers to Close by End of 2019

Dirty Bomb, the objective-focused near-future multiplayer FPS by Splash Damage and Warchest Ltd., will be shutting down it’s servers at the end of 2019.

Splash Damage announced back in October that they were ceasing active development of the game, and were going to look into their options. In a recent news post the developers have confirmed that the game will remain active until the end of 2019.

The next update, due out sometime next week, will be the game’s final patch. Splash Damage is giving players another chance to unlock all the skins and items they want by removing the monetization options and drastically increasing the progression rates. This includes the game’s various special event skins and other limited time items. The changes will go live with the final update.

Owners of the All Mercs pack will be receiving a full refund direct to their Steam Wallet.

If you want to play the game during it’s final year of service, you can find Dirty Bomb on Windows PC via Steam.

Frank Streva


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