Steam Drops Support for Windows XP and Vista

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If you’re one of those Windows user holdouts that refuses to upgrade to Windows 10 while enjoying gaming on Steam, your time is up.

Valve has announced they’re ending support for both Windows XP and Windows Vista on their Steam client. This means the only operating system pre-Windows 10 that remain supported on the platform is now Windows 7.

One of the driving reasons behind the support drop is that Steam now uses Google Chrome in the Steam client. Chrome itself hasn’t supported XP or Vista since 2016. Valve is planning on new functionality and security features that can only be done with Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Despite Microsoft ending their free support for Windows 7 in January of next year – it could be quite some time before Valve drops support for the operating system. They didn’t end support for Windows 98 until 2007, four years after Steam launched.

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