Dell is Once Again a Publicly Traded Company

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Dell Computers have announced they’re a publicly traded company once again.

The Texas-based computer maker has returned to the New York Stock Exchange years after going private, back in 2013. They are currently floating around $45 a share on the market, trading under the name “DELL.”

Since going private back in 2013, Dell has doubled down on improving their cloud storage options, as well as their Windows computer production lines. They have maintained a firm presence in higher education, as well as corporate installations.

A number of improvements have been made to their private and public computer and technology offerings, including the highly-rated Dell XPS 13 family of laptops.

“Our world is undergoing a digital transformation that will change every aspect of how we live, work and operate as a society,” said Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies. “Dell Technologies was created to be the essential infrastructure company for this digital era, and with today’s announcement, we are aligning the interests of our stakeholders to benefit from the integrated innovations and value creation from across our entire family of businesses.”

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