PlayStation “Family Management” Video Met with Outrage

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A recent video uploaded by Sony Interactive Entertainment to show off the new Family Management system for the PlayStation 4 has received backlash from consumers over Sony’s new policies.

As Sony had said they were going to “meet a global standard” in regards to content within video games on their console (including censorship even in Japanese versions of games), many gamers have expressed outrage at creators being unable to create freely, and allowing the market to decide who is successful or not.

We have seen a report via Sankaku Complex, claiming that a video on how parents can set up Family Management on the PlayStation 4 (to restrict how long other accounts play games for and the age ratings of games played) was downvoted in protest by users.

While we have been unable to find a reliable source of what the downvote count reached, we do know the original video has been removed after “an overwhelming amount of comments regarding Sony’s recent mass censoring of their games“.

Pilebunker of Disqus allegedly managed to grab screencaps of some of these comments. You can find these comments below along with some via One Angry Gamer.

For those who cannot see the above images, the summary of them all is users asking why censorship of more mature titles is necessary with these safeguards already in place.

The video was allegedly deleted and re-uploaded, and if true the new video is not faring much better at this time of writing (18,000 views, nearly 500 likes, nearly 900 dislikes), with comments in much the same vein.

We will keep you posted as this story develops.

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